The higher we climb, the harder we fall

Conclusions from interviewing 3 Aerealists about the fear of heights and other phobias
Defining themselves and who they are in the air. Clutching, grasping, claiming the space that cannot be owned. Aiming higher, fear of losing grip. A piece, created from the inner of the individual. Expressed through mastery of skills. Perfected by human flaws. Performed by artists fostered into a life of circus.

Performers: Matleena Laine, Sanna Vellava, Jesse Huygh
Director: Marie-Louise Masreliez
Composer: Jonatan Liljedahl
Light-design: Elisabeth K. Nilsson
Set-design & Costume:
Elin Hallberg

Foto Håkan Larsson

Läs artikel om Jesse Huygh i Dagens Nyheter 2011.10.06 och inslag i Aktuellt 2011.10.07
Läs mer om verket på www.masreliez.se

Supported by SLL, ABF,  Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee,
Nordic Culture Point, the Culture Committee of Stockholm,
Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ruby Rose Union, Cirko Center for New Circus in Helsinki and Cirkör Lab.